Why Boelter is Better for Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

Roofs made of metal and steel are now quickly becoming a new standard in roofing for numerous residential homes. A lot of people now consider this as an upgrade from roofs made of asphalt shingles. Since metal roofs can last for a long time and is highly versatile, they are one of the few types of roof that people can rightfully refer to as the roof of a lifetime.

Ron Boelter Windows, Roofing & Siding is a residential contractor that people have trusted for more than two decades.  Our company has a BBB rating of A+ as we take great pride to make sure that we offer the best warranties, products, and services in every project that we perform. In case your apartment or home needs a new stone-coated steel roof , we can definitely do everything and always surpass any of your expectations.

About Stone-Coated Steel

In the past there are only several types of roofing that has metal. This includes corrugated metal. There has been a vast improvement over time but the options have always had limits.

Nowadays, there are numerous options. This includes the latest product which is metal roofing coated with steel. This steel roofing coated with stone is a combination of the appearance of shingle, tile, or shake. It creates a roof that is durable and strong with a wonderful appearance. Whatever style your property or home has, it may be likely for you to find a product in metal roofing that can match whatever you need.

The thing that is amazing about this is that aside from the products’ beauty, it also has a long life. Composite and asphalt roofs may need a replacement after a decade or two. Stone coated steel roofs can last for a lifetime. There are even products that come with a lifetime warranty. They may transfer to another generation. This makes stone coated steel roofs can be highly attractive for commercial buildings. The cost may be more expensive compared to the traditional options in roofing. However, it is capable of lasting forever with just minimal maintenance.

Stone coated steel roofs are among the numerous alternatives to aluminum or standard steel roofs. Here are the reasons why we recommend this unique system in metal roofing:

Steel has a System that is Lightweight

Despite being made of steel and stone, this roofing can be surprising. That is because it is light and weighs at just 1.5 lbs for every square. In comparison to the tile and asphalt roofs that weighs approximately 10 lbs for every square foot, it is much lighter. Because of this, it can be relatively easy to have this roof installed and it does not need any added support structurally.

Steel Can Have a Distinct Appearance

The most significant reason on why you should install metal roofs coated with stone is that they can provide a look that is versatile and distinct. Because of the advancements in technology, they are capable of imitating clay and slate roofs’ appearance without having to suffer from any drawbacks. Because of similar technologies, manufacturers can now make steel roofs with stone coating. It has a range of shingle designs and styles that are great for any residence.

It is Capable of Lasting Long and is Durable

Despite the light weight stone coated steel roofs can be extremely durable. It is capable of outlasting any other material in roofing. It is not similar to the lesser materials in roofing that warp, break, split, or curl. Every panel has an interlocking design. This allows the roof to have reinforcement. That is the reason why it can become highly resistant to heavy snow and rain. Everything that a steel roof coated with stone will ever be needing is regular preventive maintenance and repairs in order for it to stay intact.

This Kind of Roof is Resistant to Wind

Steel may be famous as something that is greatly resistant to wind. It has variants coated with stone can be so much tougher. Whenever there is a really harsh storm, the roof can still stay intact.

Steel is a Highly Resilient Roofing

Roofs made of steel coated with stone are capable of standing up to any changes in temperature as well as extreme temperature. It’s great for places with inconsistent weather patterns. It will also be ideal for places with climates that shift quickly.

Always remember that metal roofs coated with stone can have a significantly higher price compared to the other traditional roofs. Despite that, this roof needs minimal maintenance. It may also never need a replacement. Its reliability and longevity, can pay itself over time.

Quality Stone-Coated Steel Roofing from Ron Boelter

In case you would like your barn, home, or any building have high quality stone-coated steel roofing, Ron Boelter can definitely provide the best warranty and price. We always aim to provide the best steel for roofs on the market and buy it directly from the manufacturer to make sure that we provide high quality materials at a better price.

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