Why Boelter is Better for Siding

Ron Boelter Window, Siding & Roofing is a residential contractor that people have trusted for more than two decades.  Our company has a BBB rating of A+. That is because we take great pride to make sure that we offer the best warranties, products, and services. We do this in every siding project that we perform.

A new siding is one of the few home repairs or improvements. It is capable of enhancing the home’s value, curb appeal, and performance. There are various materials for this that have been in use for a long time. However, only several of the standards were able to remain which includes the occasional newcomers. Among the things that people no longer use are the ones that have asbestos, hardboard composite, and fiberglass. That is because they have been significantly replaced with the new standard. These are fiber cement and vinyl.

Here is a review of various things people need to consider. This includes maintenance, pricing, and features in these well-known materials which includes the timeless options of metal.

Aesthetic Advantages of Metal Siding

  • This usually includes a finish. They have this applied at the factory to make sure that it can resist corrosion at a maximum. People work on galvanizing panels that are plain and unfinished This can provide protection against corrosion.
  • There is a wide variety of styles that metal. It includes shingles, panels, as well as strips that are vertical and horizontal. Whenever you view it from a distance, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between wood and metal.

Metal’s Characteristics

  • Metal can be highly durable. However, painted finishes got pre-finished are famous to bleed, chalk, and fade onto the brick walls. You may see this underneath the siding. Compared to their predecessors, the newer versions have the tendency to become more color-fast.
  • For added resistance to weathering and fading, metal can now be available with special vinyl or metal coatings.
  • Metal is what people usually use as a retrofit. This is because there are times when you can have it directly applied over the wood. This can happen whenever the wood siding gets severely damaged or you desire minimal maintenance more than aesthetics.

Vinyl Siding

There are times when you look for a siding that requires minimal maintenance and comes at a low cost. This kind is also available in strips that have edges which interlock. The zip tool is a special tool. You may use it to allow the strips to get separated and joined together.


  • Whenever style is involved, vinyl comes in a wide range. It includes numerous colors and panels that are vertical and horizontal.
  • There is also various varieties of vinyl textures that includes the styles similar to wood shingles and wood shakes.


  • There is a possibility for vinyl to become prone to cracks. This happens whenever it gets subjected to any impact or the weather is cold.
  • It is essential for vinyl to get installed properly or else it may end up buckling or warping.
  • Vinyl is often utilized as a retrofit. It is applied on top of old wood.


  • Whenever the vinyl gets cracked, you need to have the section replaced or repaired.
  • Products that have a better quality can provide limited warranties that can reach a maximum of five decades.
  • Since vinyl is a material that requires minimal maintenance, it may never need to get painted. That is because the material has a solid color.

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