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Boelter Window Siding & Roofing has been serving southern Minnesota for over 25 years. We strive to be a premier provider of the highest quality products and service with affordable pricing and we stand behind our work with the best manufactures warranty available. We’ll go to any length to beautify your home. Call today (507-243-4354) and discover why ‘Boelter is Better’


2nd Place Siding & Windows - 3rd Place Roofing
2nd Place Windows - 3rd Place Siding
2nd Place Windows - 3rd Place Siding & Roofing
2019 Customer of the Year

Ron Boelter

Sales Consultant

Cell: 507-381-2078
Office: 507-243-4354

Kyle Gjerstad

Roofing Production Manager

Cell: 507-594-8120
Office: 507-243-4354

Bill Connor

Sales Manager Roofing

Cell: 507-381-3040
Office: 507-243-4354

Jesse Wyman

Sales Consultant

Cell: 507-340-2248
Office: 507-243-4354

Dylan Connor

Sales Consultant & Production Crew

Cell: 507-381-1063
Office: 507-243-4354

Sean Baggott

Sales Consultant

Cell: 507-317-4103
Office: 507-243-4354

John Stevens

Sales Consultant

Cell: 507-720-5427
Office: 507-243-4354

Jody Tuma

Window Production Manager

Cell: 507-340-6387
Office: 507-243-4354

Jim Gould

Gutter Production Manager

Cell: 507-995-2980
Office: 507-243-4354

Garrett Burns

Sales Consultant

Cell: 507-382-2250
Office: 507-243-4354

We Are Ready To Serve You!

Boelter Window, Siding & Roofing was able to provide great service in southern Minnesota for more than a couple of decades. Our aim is to strive to become a premier provider of the products and services that are of best quality. In case your apartment or home needs a new roof or you have been thinking of having maintenance free siding and energy efficient windows on your home, we can definitely do everything and always surpass any of your expectations. We provide services in roofing, windows & doors, gutters & covers, and siding.

We have pricing that is affordable and we aim to stand behind every work and provide the best manufacturer warranties available. Contact us now so you can discover the reason why ‘Boelter is Better.’