Ways to Prevent Winter Siding and Roof Damage

When the temperatures start to fall and winter takes over, it may damage your roof and siding. As a result, homeowners in Minnesota want to protect their siding and roof from any winter damage caused by weather. There is nothing we can do to change the weather, although you can talk to a Minnesota contractor, like us, to work on your house so that winter does not damage it. 

Here are some tips to prevent your siding and roof from damage during winter:

Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

Layers of snow can build up and reach a level that they can stop water from flowing off your roof. It may lead to water seeping into your walls and causing damage. One needs to be cautious when ice dams start forming or when snowfalls are consistent as a homeowner. 

To be safe, you need to clear all the snow from your roof safely. It would help if you removed all the gutters’ obstacles for easy draining of ice and snow on your roof. In case of damaged gutters, you can contact the services of a Minnesota roofing expert for replacement. 

Because winter comes with stormy weather, it may lead to branches’ breakage and the falling of leaves around your house. You need to clear all the branches and leaves from your roof. Broken branches and leaves add to the damage caused by snow and ice by adding weight to your roof. They also block gutters. 

A smart way will be to conduct regular inspections on your roof so that you can detect any problems early enough. A good time to inspect your roof is after it rains so that you can watch out for any discoloration of the wall near the roof, cracked roof, hanging gutters, and any other fault on the roof. Inspections will make you identify any problems and conduct repairs well in advance. 

Frequent Inspection on Your Siding

When ice dams form on your roof and gutters, it can affect the siding on your home. The water does not have anywhere to go and may end up running down along your home’s siding. As a result, your window, siding, and any other thing in the water’s path get damaged. 

For homes with wooden siding, the siding may start to rot and show other signs of damage by water. Clapboard and trim sidings are also some of the sidings that the water will damage. You, therefore, need to protect your home’s siding from water.

Vinyl does not absorb as much water like wood. It is a far better option than wood siding. Homeowners can contact a Minnesota siding repair and maintenance company services, like us, because we can give you a lasting solution.


Winter may bring you more expenses by damaging your roof. For Minnesota residents, you can save some money by contacting the services of a Minnesota roofing expert, like us! We can offer long-lasting solutions for your roof.